Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Fun Roaming Night

We didn't have any plans on Saturday night so we originally thought we would split our time between 2 places. We were going to have appetizers and drinks at each place. Our plans changed slightly when we decided we didn't want to drive once we found a parking place.

We started our night at Trio which is inside of the Four Seasons. They have an excellent happy that runs 5pm-7pm Monday through Saturday. Yes people.... they have a happy hour on Saturday :) I have been to their happy hour in the past, but this was Jim's first time. All of their appetizers and glasses of wine are half off. Can I get a hell yeah!?!!?

I looked up and noticed their incredibly modern and cool light fixture. I like the fixture way better looking up than seeing it from across the restaurant.

While I wanted to order one of everything I had to remind myself that we were making other food stops that night. We decided on the pulled pork sliders and the truffle mac and cheese. All was EXCELLENT! The only slight bitch I have about the meal is I wish the buns were different on the pulled pork sliders. They looked like something we would find in HEB. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it's Trio and I wanted better than what appeared to be HEB buns! The mac and cheese was just heavenly. So cheesy and so delish that it put a big smile on both of our faces.

After Trio we stopped in at Shoreline Grill and reminisced about our wedding there.. almost 7 years ago! :) Such happy and fun times!! We were going to try to get a self portrait under the gazebo, but just as we were going to try, a wedding party walked out, so we didn't want to get in the way! (no guests, but they were about to rehearse!)

We walked down to Town Lake (still can't call it Lady Bird Lake) to see if the bats were getting ready to take off but we were to early and didn't feel like waiting in the blistering sun. However, the light was great, so we took a photo with the help of another person waiting to see the bats.

Our next stop was at Hanks Garage. I have heard some buzz about this Belgium Pub so we thought we would give it a try.

Duck Fat Fries!! Duck Fat Fries!! I think duck fat fries are the new thing because I keep hearing about them all over the place. So when I saw them on the menu we ordered a small with 2 dipping sauces... garlic aioli and a grain mustard/mayo mix. While these fries were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, they tasted just like fries. I don't know what I was supposed to expect but they tasted like good french fries. I was a little let down by the sauces.... the garlic aioli was mostly just mayo. I hardly tasted the garlic.. so much so that I dipped my finger in the sauce to see if the sauce was weak or if the fry was just overpowering in taste. The garlic taste was almost non-existent. BUT the fries were delish so I'll overlook the dipping sauces!
After our fries and beer, we headed over to Second Bar and Kitchen. I have been wanting to eat there ever since they opened. This may not have been the best time to go eat there since I was already getting full. I had a talk with my stomach and told it to get ready because i was about to eat just a little more. Jim said he was done eating, but I knew that he would still have a few bites of what ever I ordered. They have so many great sounding items like the Blue Crab and Corn fritters, Buffalo Fried Pickles, Baked Ricotta and Goat Cheese.... but ultimately I kept looking at the Bacon and Eggs. Per the menu at Second.... Bacon and Eggs- Crisp Pork Belly, poached egg, frisee, orange, maple gastrique and croutons. As soon as this was put down in front of me, I broke out in a huge smile.

The pork belly was delightful, the frisee gave a nice cool crunch, the egg was perfect with the pork belly... and who could deny the maple gastrique? I loved every single bite and cannot wait to try it again. My minor complaint was the egg did not have a runny yolk.

We had such a fun time!! I think we are going to have to do this again soon. Pick a few places, have one drink and one appetizer/small plate at each place to be able to try multiple places.

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