Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kickball Tourney

Months ago my brother let me know that his kickball team in Arizona might be travelling to Austin to play in a tourney. I was pretty stoked because that meant that Jim and I would be able to play. HOWEVER, when we were talking about his trip it was in the spring when it wasn't extremely hot in Austin. I was soooo worried as the tourney date came up because Austin has been under such an extreme heat.

The weekend came for the tourney and we were loaded up on water, water and more water, along with power aid, sun screen, and more water. Chris and Lindsay played with us in the tourney and they did so well!! Jim kicked ass as well! I was ehhhh.... I knew I was out of shape but it didn't help that I pulled my vagina (aka... groin) muscle in the first game. I continued to play but I knew I wasn't at 100%. But the tourney must go on!

Playing rock, paper, sissors to determine who has home field advantage

Jim with his first kick... and it was a HOME RUN! Nice job babe!

Chris and Lindsay were so AWESOME... they brought this tent for us to use. The high was 107 on that day and there wasn't any type of covering at the field. This tent was super nice to get away from the sun.

Kicking the ball.... I was thrown out at first :(

Team cheering on our players

Val kicking the ball

Chris made an awesome grab out in the outfield

Lee kicking the ball... he had a really great tourney

Chris kicking the ball

Cooling off under the tent

Lee the coach with his Urban Outfitters hat :) Nice catch Jimmy! Aaron pitching. I didn't realize how sideways he got during pitching

Lindsay had a really good game too!! This was her and Chris' first time playing,, they both did really well!

Even though the heat was a ball buster and we had some health issues, I would totally play in another kickball tourney!! I had a lot of fun and I'm glad that Lee and his team made the trip to Austin!!

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