Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Surprise at the Farmers Market

While I was talking about peppers with one of the vendors at the Farmers Market, I saw something that dropped my jaw. I saw a slightly larger version of Abby. I excused myself from the vendor and asked the gentleman with the Abby look-a-like if he got her from Town Lake Animal Shelter. He had found her on Craigslist, but that person said she was a rescue. We were both amazed at how similar they looked. After talking we figured out that they were about the same age, so there is a good possibility they are from the same litter. They had the same fur, same coloring, and same facial features. The only difference is the other dog (whose name is Girley) was a little taller than Abby.

Abby on the left and Girley on the right
Abby on the left and Girley on the right

The girls played around a little before we went on our way to buy more veggies from the vendors. I wish the girls could talk to let us know if they were sisters or not. Not that it would have mattered, but it would have made me feel better knowing that her family had safe homes!!

Abby girl on the way home from the market!!

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