Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July Weekend

During 4th of July weekend, we were lucky to get a couple of spots on our friends boat. We were a little worried about the rain because it stormed quite a bit over the days leading up to to 4th of July weekend. This time around boating consisted of surfing, rope swing, and lounging about in the cove. It turned out to be such a pretty day and we had a great time with our friends!

The Rope Swing: This is Matt flying through the air after letting go on the rope swing. I really wanted to go but we had just finished eating at Thundercloud and I didn't want to hurl while flying through the air :)

Mike flying off of the rope

Jim and I are new to the surfing world. Basically you are on a surf board and you use the rope to get up on the water. After you are up, you are supposed to be able to find the "sweet spot" , let go of the rope, and then ride the wake. We are not there yet... one day

I'm still hanging onto the rope

Chris C trying out surfing for the first time. Whitney (wife) said that he used to be a skateboard punk as a kid and he goes surfing anytime they are near an ocean. He was able to get up right away
Mike... aka "Mr. Model"
Jenn is a total rockstar at surfing.

Jenn and I

Matt, Charlie, Julie and Chris M. Julie isn't a happy camper here.... Chris (guy sitting in front of her) had just lost his one of a kind (they designed it) wedding ring while playing catch in the cove.

Jim and Charlie

Matt surfing near the 360 bridge

Vannessa and I

Jenn, Jim and Vanessa enjoying out day out on the lake

Charlie the ham surfing behind the boat

The right way to surf behind a boat... no rope
Jimmy and I

Mike surfing

I think Matt is just giving the guys a target to hit with the football, but it looks like he is entertaining us with a little ballet

Jenn, Vannessa, me and Tammy

The next day was 4th of July. We thought we were heading to Jim's work party but it turned out that Jim got the wrong day, so we didn't have any plans. We ate at Iguana Grill then headed to Mount Bonnell to watch the fireworks that the Austin Country Club was putting on. We got there right in time, and before most of the crowds. It was busy up there, but not terrible

I just had my little point and shoot camera with me, so I had to balance the camera on the rocks to get these photos. Not the best, but you get the idea of what we were watching. Next year we'll head to the other side of the mountain to watch the fireworks in downtown Austin. We caught a few of them, and they were a lot better than the fireworks that we watched.

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