Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chewie and Abby
We are finally back in to a normal dog routine. No going to the vet once a week, no keeping Abby on a leash at all times, no stressing about Abby jumping up and down while she was supposed to be "immobile".... now we just worry about normal stuff like
"quit eating my shoe"
"Quit biting your brother"
"why are you so damn quiet in the other room".
You know, normal puppy stuff. i still spent a decent amount of time outside with the dogs and unfortunately that means that I have a ton of mosquito bites. I'm surprised I don't have the West Nile Virus yet. I slather on the pest deterrent and use the mosquito candles but there is not a cure all to get rid of all of them. Regardless of the bugs I still have a fun time outside with the kids, and especially now since Abby can run around like normal. She LOVES to run around, as you'll see in the photos below.
Abby on high alert
It is hard to get a picture with Chewie and Abby next to each other (normally they are running and playing at full speed), but you can see here that Abby is getting taller! She has almost doubled in weight since we got her.


Chewie looks like he is just walking, but based on the ear straight up he was jogging away... perhaps to get away from the little black terror known as his little sister?
"you can't get away" says the little black terror :)
Chewie is always on patrol. Lately the squirrels have been feasting on the acorns, which means we have to watch out on the ground, or we could get pelted with the left over acorn bits.
Abby found this teddy bear in the spare room. A long time ago I bought Jim some balloons for his birthday and had them sent to his office. This little teddy bear came with the balloons. I had forgotten about the teddy bear until Abby began to play with him. So far the bear has really held up to her attacks... sure he has lost both eyes (both of which I safely got and threw away) and his ears are a little mangled but he is lasting a lot longer than I expected.

She likes to use the teddy bear as a pillow. SOOO damn cute!
But her favorite pillow is Chewie.

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