Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Night out with the ladies at Gloria's

Kelli moved away right after she married George so we only get to see her once or twice a year! George was going to law school in Oklahoma City, so they lived there for a few years and now they are in Dallas. Although George has finished law school, now he is studying for the bar. Kelli said that he is constantly studying to make sure he passes on the first try (even though they know that is a long stretch). Kelli recently found out she is pregnant with twins and due in December. They are very excited although a little scared to raise two at the same time. They both come from large families so they have a lot of help. We had a really nice evening catching up. On Saturday nights Gloria's turns into a salsa bar... they move the tables and it turns into one big dance floor. The manager came over and tried to convince us to stay until 11pm, but it was only 9pm and we had already been there since 6:30 :) One day we'll have to check it out. I believe they charge a cover after a certain time on Saturdays.

Poor Kelli was looking on as the rest of us enjoyed our adult beverages. The Sangria at Gloria's was good but a little too sweet. And if I'm saying it's to sweet, then you know it's WAY to sweet. The bitty chunks of fruit was a nice change to the larger pieces you normally get in Sangria.

The ladies at dinner

Supawn is enjoying her Apple-tini. I had a swig and it was very Appley. Not sure I could finish one of those

I ordered the shredded chicken tostada's. I think this might have been the first time I have ever ordered them in a restaurant. They were hard to cut through, but eventually I just ate the chicken and greens without the tostada shell. It was good, not great. They certainly give you a lot of food, but at $11.99 I was hoping for a little better food.

The chips were good and the salsa had a little bit of a garlic bite to it, which I really like. They also serve some type of bean dip with the chips which was a nice surprise. I normally don't like beans (due to texture), but mixed with the salsa I liked the bean dip.
Ashley and I

Amanda and Kelli

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