Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sushi in ma belly

Last weekend we decided to head out and enjoy the all day happy hour at Maiko. They have sushi, appetizers, and drink specials. We have eaten there in the past and have always enjoyed the food. We ordered the Rock and Roll (shrimp tempura, spicy aioli, cucumber- $6), the Butterfly Roll (tuna, salmon, white fish,avocado and cucumber -$7) and the Pleasant Valley (tempura white fish, avocado, jalapeno, and roasted jalapeno mayo -$6). Since these were on special I noticed that there was more rice than fish in the roll. It wasn't a huge deal, but seems a little like bait and switch. You think you are just getting a discount on their normal rolls, but in reality you are playing less but you are getting a lesser roll. I was a fan of the Rock and Roll and the Butterfly Roll. The Pleasant Valley lit me up... super spicy... but Jim loved it so it worked out well.

After the sushi we decided to try their version of jalapeno poppers. I know what you are thinking... are you nuts? Have you not had enough of spicy foods? Jim loves them, and I figured that I was already on fire so why not. The Tempura Jalapeno Poppers($6) had cream cheese, spicy white fish, and spicy mayo. These fuckers were spicy and still were fairly raw. I'm guessing because it doesn't take as long to fry since it is tempura. I ate one popper, Jim ate the rest :)

We were seated in this little alcove and we kept feeling like we were at a the head table at a wedding. It was a little odd, but comfortable. We had some drunk chick come up and tell us that we looked so cute and she just had to take our picture. I had my camera out since I was taking pictures of the food so I handed it to her. She took 3 different pictures... one far away, once closer and one super close. The one I posted was the middle picture. Anyway, she chatted with us for a few minutes and made us giggle. We have all been there where we had just one to many drinks. It made for an interesting night.

A few weeks ago we showed up early to a Yelp event (just now realizing that I never posted those pictures) so we walked over to Maiko and had a few of their Yakitori skewers. These are on special Tuesday- Thursday 7pm until close in the bar area. We ordered the beef tenderloin, shrimp and escolar filet. Our favorite was the escolar, it had the most flavor. The beef tenderloin was good, but had an odd texture. The beef was $1 per skewer and the shrimp and escolar were $2 a skewer. Good quick food!

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