Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Pooh-Pa

It is easy to get caught up with Abby and her cuteness so I decided this was a post for just Chewie (also known as Pooh-pa, Chunky Chew, Sha-boo-boo, Boo, Bubba, and other combinations of those other nicknames). On Saturday, before the Farmers Market, Chewie and I went to Peace Park to walk around. There is a leashless area between 24th street and 29th street in the park along Lamar Blvd. This is the same area where people play disc golf.

Riding to the park

Lots of lush green trees and bushes along the trail. There was some water along the way, but thankfully Chewie stayed out of the water. I didn't have a towel with me.

There are lots of great trees along the trail

Chewie is going off roading here

I was a little worried near the disk golf players because Chewie is such a frisbee dog. I didn't want him taking off chasing their disks :) Luckily, he just watched and then went on his way to sniff the trail.
Relaxing in the sun

Abby was so happy that Chewie was back, she covered him with kisses


Dawnita said...

OMG love, love this post!

Nicole said...

Chewie is such a sweetie!