Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bits of Random Thoughts, Updates and Pictures
Abby has a great little squeak when she yawns, I hope that doesn't go away when she gets older
I finally got a chance to catch up with friends that just got back from their honeymoon. The travelled through France, Germany, Austria, and ... Ummm.. Crap. I can't remember the other country they went to. I was told of their adventures of night time cave diving, gliding off the side of the mountain, camping, and over all fun while they were traveling. SOOOO very jealous of their trip but very happy they had a great time
* * *
Finally got to the movies and saw Iron Man 2... I liked it but hubby wasn't happy with the typical sequal movie plot (good guy gets down on himself, has to find his way and be a super hero again)
* * *
I spend a lot of time outside with the kids since Abby still can't be outside on her own. While this has gotten me a ton of mosquito bites, I have enjoyed the wildlife outside. Lots of little frogs, dragonflies, baby grass hoppers, birds and butterflies. I know I would have missed out on these small little moments
* * *
We gave the kids a bath yesterday, a first for Abby and she took it like a champ. Once Chewie was dry he shed about 14 pounds of hair. It was quite gross, and it looked like a winter wonderland in the back yard after brushing him
* * *
I've been doing a decent amount of cooking lately but haven't really been taking pictures of the food... I'll do better, promise
* * *
Abby has 8 days until we see the doctor for her final X-ray.... I am crossing my fingers, rubbing a rabbits foot, and looking for a 4 leaf clover to ensure that Abby's leg has healed and she can be a normal puppy around and run around.
* * *
One day this week I'll actually jog and get back on my workout track. The humidity and heat kill me and my desire to workout.
I am in reality TV heaven... Top Chef, So You Think You Can Dance, The Next Design Star and the Next Food Network Star all started. LOVE IT!
We had friends over for True Blood's first show of the season... had a nice dinner and watched a FANTASTIC first show... this season is going to be great. I want to lick Eric, yeah that's right
* * *
Tried out Gibson's bar before the movie the other night... neat little place that has a rockin food trailer that we need to try out before to long!
* **
Really thinking of visiting the beauty school in town and getting some color to my hair... nothing extreme but perhaps a little auburn. I'm still to chicken, so it will probably take me a month to actually make the appointment
* * *
A couple of weeks ago was the 2nd anniversary of my dad's untimely death. He was such a nice man who loved to cook for everybody that he met. I know I gained that trait from him because I love to make baked goodies for my friends at work. He had such a big heart and never met a person that he didnt become friends with. Dad, I miss you and I hope you are enjoying your time where ever you are!!
* * *
This little beaded beauty container makes my house smell really fresh... not sure how long they will last but it was a great $2.00 investment! Especially since our house smells a little like pee-pee since our little girl Abby hasn't quite gotten house training. She has about one accident a day so hopefully one day soon she'll get it down!

Love Abby's tongue in this picture... she is ALWAYS trying to lick Chewie

I try to take Chewie out to leash-less parks on his own each week. He does such a great job with Abby but I know he needs his "alone" time. I have grown to like the leash-less area at Peace Park which sucks a bit because the city is closing down the park for renovations. Who knows how long that will take but seems like an extreme move to close down a popular park. I wonder if the department in charge was more on top on making sure the park didn't become "run-down" before now had made changes/enhancements if it could have stayed open.

Last Sunday we were fortunate to have a friend invite us to sit inside of a nice AC box at the Round Rock Express Game. The sun was brutal for the first 45 minutes so we stayed inside of the box and watched the game on the TV. But after the sun went down it was quite nice outside!

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