Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lake Limestone

This past weekend we drove up to Lake Limestone (which is about 2 hrs away,,, North east of Austin). Rachel's parents have a lake house and they were nice enough to invite us all up there to have fun and spend time with friends. Rachel's husband just got back from Iraq (Marines) and Rachel turned 30. We had a very good time. We were took a chance and brought the dogs with us. Overall it wasn't terrible but it did slightly hinder our ability to have a good time. We always had to be on watch because there wasn't a fence, and we didn't trust Taylor enough (for very good reason) to take her off of the leash, so she had to stay on the leash.


Jason the ham, and Ashley

Nicole. I love Nicole... she is a lot like me... funny, athletic (okay, not so athletic now but I used to be and I plan to eventually be once again!) and sarcastic. Who doesn't love a sarcasic funny lady?!?!?
Jim and Jason... with Chewie on watch in the background
Little poopa
The ladies... the next morning. Me, Rachel, Ashley, Mahvish, Michelle, Jennifer and Nicole
Da Bones

Ashley and Mahvish
Dogs enjoying the dock on the lake
Lake Limestone
Jim playing volleyball.... Jim played two games and I played a game. We couldn't play together because of the dogs
Hanging around talking
Rachel, Michelle, Mahvish and Rachel's friend (oops... forgot her name)

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