Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday Night

We went out on Friday night to celebrate Sarah's birthday. We met them at a bar downtown and enjoyed a few adult beverages. It was a beautiful night so we sat out on the patio. We could not have asked for better weather!!

Some pictures from our night out....

Sarah, Jim, Orly and I

At the Belmont

Sarah, Jim and I

Heath dancing up a storm at the bar

Laura, me, Sarah and Vanessa. Laura is a fellow Eagles fan!

Jim, me and Jake... enjoying an Irish Car Bomb

Sarah and Jake.... Jake was showing Sarah how much he loved being at the bar (NOT!)

Kristi giving Sarah a birthday kiss

Jim licking his new friend.... is that normal?

Ignore the look on my face.... this picture is about the guy in the background of the picture. This guy is a total jackass. He showed up to one of Sarah's parties last year (he was a friend of a friend of a friend....) and caused issues at the party. He got drunk then started to fight about a Jenga game (yes, the simple game of jenga, it was pretty dumb). Anywho, he got thrown out of the party and we haven't seen him since! So we took about 3 or 4 pictures with him in the background... who knows if he figured it out or not :)

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