Sunday, January 13, 2008

If only....

.... I could borrow somebodies OCD habits, just for the day. i have been dragging my feet on combining the two desks. My stuff has been sitting in a box for the past month and half. Which leads me to a question..... do I really need that stuff? But if I had just a little bit of OCD, then I probably would have finished putting this shit away, and cleaned behind the desk of all of the dust cooties.

Or maybe I could just channel my inner "I Dream of Jeannie", and bob my head while blinking and then all of this stuff would be put away and organized! By the way.... there is an actual website dedicated to I Dream of Jeannie. (

Anywho, me writing on the blog is just another way to find something else to do besides clean up our desks and organize them :)

Off I go to sweep the kitchen, organize my pictures, and watch TV. Just kidding.... I'm going to work on my desk....

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