Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brunch at La Condessa

While Rachel was in town last month, we met up for brunch at La Condessa.  I have eaten there once before for dinner and was looking forward to trying brunch. 

We started off with their Guacamole which gave you 4 different flavors to try.  I have to say... most of them tasted like just guacamole with a hint of other flavor.  I was hoping the jumbo lump crap was going to be out of this world, but it tasted like guacamole with a slight cool flavor from the crab.  Oh well... Now I know :) 


- chipotle purée & toasted almond

- watermelon, pomegranate molasses, queso fresco

- jumbo lump crab, apple, coconut vinegar (+ 2)

I don't have a picture of my dish (so unlike me!) but I ordered the
Huevos Condesa( raised-right rotisserie chicken, fried eggs, poblano rajas, duck fat-braised potatoes, grilled onions, bacon, spinach).  Overall it was a good dish.. slightly salty and I didn't see many of those duck fat braised potato's or bacon but the eggs were cooked perfectly and the chicken had nice flavor. 

Our group for brunch.... Starting on the left bottom side... Courtney (in red), Michelle, Rachel, Nicole, Kristina and me

I ordered a standard mimosa to go with brunch but it wasn't as pretty as Courneys margarita or Kristina's watermelon drink

The sunglasses troupe

First off... I am glad my friends are hams... nobody blinked an eye when I suggested we take a picture in front of this and second, I am glad we took this photo because a few weeks later they painted over this wall.

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