Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kittens! (should start calling them Puma's)

And it's time for the animal updates!!  No big updates except that I think the kittens are part puma... they are getting so big!!  In most of these photos they are between 5 and 6 months old.  They are so lovable to us and the dogs.  They have their own way to say Hi to everybody and like to cuddle.  Sure it can get annoying when they want to cuddle at 4am and head butt you until you start petting them, but after a few head rubs they tend to lay down next to you for a bit. 

Slinky on the left and Jelly on the right enjoying a blanket that was just taken out of the dryer


Long  sleepy Slinky :)

Jelly and Abbey. 

Jelly will lay next to Abbey a few times a day.  Some days it is next to Abbey, some days he is laying across Abbey's paws, and some days he just goes up, head butts a few times and walks away.  Either way it is cute as hell and I'll never get tired of watching the interaction between these two.

I posted a few of the bluebonnet photos of Chewie and Abbey a few months back, but felt a little guilty that I didn't have any good photos of them on my computer. 

Slinky in front, Jelly in the back, hanging out in the front window

I bought them this toy a few months ago, and they love to hang out it in.

Isn't this cuteness overload? 

Jelly Belly

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