Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Visit to Bastop State Park

Bastop State Park

A couple of months back I drove up to Bastrop State Park to see the park after the wild fires that happened last Labor Day weekend. At the time of I went there was only a small section of the park open to hike around.  A few weeks after I went they opened up a larger portion of the park, and I need to get back to hike around it.  The park was eerie yet still very beautiful.  It was so peaceful and quiet.  Most trees that I saw where charred without any life sprouting, but when you looked at the ground you saw the growth.  There was also some type of coating on some of the trees.. perhaps it is the fire retardant the planes dropped?  

I was very happy I made the trip out there to see the destruction and the blooming plant life.  Hopefully I can make it out there soon to hike around the rest of the park. 

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