Monday, June 04, 2012

Kickball and Visitors

I officially like to play kickball.  I'm not very good and that annoys me, but I have only played twice in my adult life.   Luckily my brothers team from AZ travels out to Austin to play in a kickball tourney, and that is when I get to play.  This time around was WAY fucking better than the last time.  The first time they came was in the middle of August last year, and if you were in Austin last summer you know it was brutal. 


This year it was beautiful weather however the wind was a total bitch.   The ball would swerve, it would die in the air, it would make a right hand turn while it was coming at you and basically the ball had a mind of it's own.  Last year Lee's team made it into the semi-finals and they did really well.  This year was a different story.  As in... we didn't win a single game.  I'm not sure what was different this year (besides some key players were missing), but it just wasn't the year of the Whiskey Richard Kickballers.

Aaron pitching

Lee kicking... he looks like he is dancing every time I got a picture of him kicking

A little high kick move from my little brother

Is Lee snapping? That is a white guy dancing move... 
see.. it always looks like he is dancing while he is kicking

Sweet large ass dog watching his owner play kickball

Jim kicking

Before the games (pictures are a little out of order... deal with it ;) ) as the team was rolling into town we met downtown and enjoyed some drinks on 6th street

Me and my little bro... with his dirty face... aka... grown out man hair

We came across a bar that had a mechanical bull to ride... so we jumped at the chance.  Most of the guys went first and then Traci and I got our chance :)  I should also mention one of the kickball guys was the operator of the bull.  Not sure why the bar let us operate the bull, but it was DAMN fun!

I had to wear the cowboy hat while riding the bull to look official.  This was soo much fun but my freakin inner thighs hurt for DAYS.

Later that night we picked up Jim (poor guy had to work while we were playing) 

Lee's team had some nice dance moves

Lee and Traci resting between games

After the games (losses), we met up at the hotel where most of the team was staying.  Some of the guys had this neon blue... drink.  I have no idea what it is exactly... some type of fucked up wine?  It tasted like a thawed out blue raspberry snow cone mixed with cough syrup.  

chug, chug, chug

After some dinner and showers we headed back out to party with the rest of the kick ball teams.  The theme of the night for the team was tuxedo shirts :)

Thanks for stopping by and reading my modest little blog :)  

On to more adventures!!

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