Sunday, April 01, 2012


This year Austin was blessed with a great Bluebonnet crop! Last year due to the lack of rain and late freezes there were absolutely no wild flowers in the area so I couldn't get pictures with Abbey. This was the first year that I could get our little boo boo out in the flowers and I wanted to take advantage of that! In the years past I have gotten really good photos with Chewie and Taylor, so now it was Abbey's turn :)

I guess the sun was a little to much for Chewie... he here is completely happy to be sunning himself.

I LOVE this picture! It was the closest that I could get Chewie and Abbey together without trying to get up and walk away. Jim and I were doing our best to get the dogs to sit...then to look at the camera. Sure Abbey is about 3 feet behind Chewie in the picture, but it works :)
Abbey smelling the flowers

And while the pups were running around smelling flowers, the kittens were resting at home. Probably happy that they had the place to themselves. Here is Jelly resting near the window

And Slinky is on the other side sunning himself.

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