Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Slinky and Chewie by dbinatx
Slinky and Chewie, a photo by dbinatx on Flickr.

Jelly and Chewie

There is no shortage of love for our animals at the house. Right now it seems a little like an animal house since the kittens are so rambunctious (as all kittens are) but we also have the kittens sequestered in the living and dining room. We don't want them to have free reign over the house since they are so feisty and need adult supervision :). Occasionally we'll see the kittens creep over to the dogs with the hopes of laying next to the dogs, but usually Abbey gets up and moves right away, and Chewie will tolerate them for a few minutes. One day I hope they'll all just lay together. But for now, here is some Chewie and Jelly cuteness!

(yes, I know, the picture says Slinky but it is really Jelly)

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