Thursday, January 17, 2013

East Side King

A few weeks ago we ate at East Side King. ESK is owned by Paul Qui, who won Top Chef last year.  I have been eating at his trailer at The Liberty (bar on East 6th) for a few years so I knew ESK at The Grakle would have great food! Unfortunately the picture is bad quality, but I didn't realize that my camera battery was dead. So I had to use my phone in a dark area.... boo.  

We ordered 3 items to share... the pork ribs, chicken wings and a pork rice bowl.  

The pork ribs had a tare fish caramel glaze and were so tender the meat fell off of the bone. The glaze was slightly sweet and was loaded with flavor.  I would totally order these again!!

The Thai- style grilled chicken wings were good but they were super charred. I had to lose the skin since I'm not a fan of super charred. However... the meat was so tender.  

The last item, the pork rice bowl, was our favorite.  It isn't on the menu right now, so I can't look to see exactly what it was called.  It was a mix of pork, kim-chee, spicy sauce and rice.  Seriously good. Jim and I were fighting on who was going to get the last bite. 

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