Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The kids!

Our household officially has more animals than humans, and we are perfectly happy with that! :) We adopted Jelly and Slinky a couple of weeks ago after fostering them for 6 weeks from the Austin Animal Shelter. Originally we wanted to foster to see how the dogs got a long with kittens and vice versa. All of the animals got along so well, we couldn't bear to let them go :) So now I have PLENTY of photo opportunities of the kids playing, and if you read my blog then accept the fact that you'll be subjected to lots of animal photos :)

One thing that I have noticed is that Jelly seems to bother Chewie more and hang out near him, and Slinky bothers Abbey more and will play with her over Chewie. I wonder if the kittens picked out their favorites or if it will change as they get older?

A stare down between Chewie and Jelly

The cute look over the shoulder look from Abbey :)

Jelly hanging out on the couch


Slinky resting on the windowsill... ignore the dirty outside window ;)

The kittens have started to play with the dogs tails. It is pretty cute to watch them bat around and chase the dogs tails. The dogs look at us like "what did you bring into our house?" every time the kittens get a little feisty!

Slinky and Abbey

Our Sweet Baby, Abbey


Chunky Chewie Chalupa

Slinky and Jelly

I love how Jelly is hugging Slinky!! (I am hoping that he is hugging rather than strangling)

They seem so big when they are running around playing,

but in reality they are still pretty small.

Our first all animal picture! It is hard to see Jelly because he is kind of behind Slinky and laying down along Chewie

A little bit better view of Jelly.. he is stretching in between Chewie and Slinky

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