Sunday, September 18, 2011

Roll On Sushi Diner

I love eating out, and I like it even better when it is a locally owned restaurant. Recently a new sushi joint opened near the house so we gave it a try. We walked in to a semi filled restaurant with a DJ playing in the corner. We sat at the counter and checked out our options. The first thing I noticed is that they have a lot of "cooked" sushi. That isn't a bad thing because the roll that we ordered that was cooked was delish! This would be a good place for people that want both options... or for a couple that one person likes sushi and one that does not :)

The restaurant is set up primarily around the middle of the store so you can sit at the counter and watch them make the sushi for you. I love watching the chefs at work, so this is the perfect set up for me.

Dy-No-Mite Roll

Tempura Shrimp, Rice, Nori and Spicy mayo

This roll was a simple roll with a fresh taste. I stuck with the pieces topped with tuna vs the jalapeno because I prefer not to eat the heat :).

The Beefy Texan

Beef Brisket, Wasabi Cole Slaw, rice and spicy BBQ Mayo

This roll had a wonderful flavor, the beef went well with the avocado and the spicy BBQ mayo sauce. We were very impressed with this faux sushi roll. The Wasabi Cole Slaw got a little lost in all of the flavors, so I wish there was just a bit more in there.


Tempura shrimp and spicy Tuna inside with avocado on the outside with spicy mayo

Hello yummy roll! We watched the chef take his time while slicing the pieces of avocado very thin (you can see them layered on top of the sushi). I think it had the eel sauce on top, which added a nice salty taste to it. It was a close tie between this roll and The Beefy Texan roll for being our favorites.

The ordered was very simple... you grabbed the paper, got a pen and marked what you wanted!! The prices were based on what the color was on the paper so you knew how much you were spending. We will be back soon, especially since it is on the edge of the neighborhood!

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