Sunday, May 15, 2011

Muddy Buddy

This is our 3rd year of doing the Muddy Buddy Race, and I am still loving it. I like the competition, the fact that we are running and biking, the obstacles and the MUD. I mean, when else is it acceptable for an adult to play in mud? This year we had a lot of friends join us for the race. Chris & Lindsay, Nick & Magen, Mike & John, Matt & Charlie, Erin & Katie, all raced with us. Chris, Lindsay, Nick and Magen were all in our heat so we were able to see each other during the race, which is nice when you are ready to fall over from exhaustion and you see your buddy. The guys and gals that teamed up were in a different heat so we didn't see them until the very end,,,, after the mud :)

We were happy with our time this year... 57 minutes 40ish seconds. We thought we had a better time (we both felt good running this race) but it is 3 minutes slower than our first race time. Hopefully next year we will beat our fastest time!

Our race heat buddies.... clean and full of energy

Chris and Lindsay

Nick and Magen

Katie, Erin and Jim before the race. They were in a heat behind us so we didn't see them until the end of the race.

This year I only took a couple of photos during the race. I knew we had some stiff competition with our friends in the same heat and we really wanted to beat everybody :) So I kept the photo taking during the race to a minimum. The picture below is what it looks like right before the mud pit. The make shift fence is there to make sure that people get down in the mud instead of running through it.

This was the last obstacle of the race right before the mud. It was a little tough after running/biking through the race to pull yourself up using the rope and then getting over the top of the obstacle.

Tammy (John's wife) didn't do the race so she was at the mud pit ready to take photos for us!! I have a pretty mean looking face here... I wonder if I got stuck in the mud or something

You know what is a fantastic post race food? 7 layer dip!!!

Erin and I. We didn't see them at the race except for the very beginning and the very end. It was nice to catch up with her and Katie at the campsite

We walked down to the Pedernales Falls river to cool down after the race. I didn't have my bathing suit with me so I hung out on the beach with Lindsay and Magen

While sitting on the beach I noticed this little guy sitting next to me. After taking the picture I made sure that he was shooed away.

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