Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day

Last Sunday we met up with Jim's family for a brunch picnic at a park in Georgetown. We all brought a dish or two to share. The weather was beautiful as was the park. Jim's mom had rented out the pavilion to ensure we had a place to sit. It was nice to catch up with everybody and eat homemade food. The only thing I would have changed would to have paid a barrista to be there so we could have free flowing coffee :)

Jamie brought a breakfast casserole, very tasty!

Jill brought biscuits and sausage

I brought mini quiche's (ham, spinach, onions and cheese)

When trying to see who was taller, this was Cadens method rather than stand back to back. I can't remember the outcome, but I think they are reallllly close

Caden being timed while running to and from the tree

Me, Jim and Jamie

Leave it to a nephew to bring up a critter from the mud :) He was not a happy camper

Playing catch
In the background, Tammy, Matt and Lindsay. Jim's cousins (Lindsay is married to Matt). In the foreground is Ryan

Caden making an announcement that he will NOT be getting any birthday spanks at the picnic.

Maddy (Jim's cousins kid) playing with the bubbles

The park also had a couple of donkeys. We fed them left over biscuits and some leaves. They were VERY used to people feeding them. Jim said that I couldn't take one home. Party Pooper.

Jim playing catch with the nephews

Judy, Jim's aunt

Ryan chillin while eating a doughnut

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