Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting in shape sucks
I have started to jog twice a week, and I have to say I'm not a fan of running. Maybe I just haven't hit that point where is is easy to run miles and miles because I am still huffing and puffing after the first half mile. My boss told me about a program on the iPhone called Cycle Meter which has a lot of cool features like a stopwatch, calculating your times, there is multiple activities that you can choose skating, mountain biking, hiking, cycling, jogging, etc. The program also uses GPS and it will send you an e-mail when you are done with the stats of your jog/cycle/etc. The application also keeps track by date and also by any route.

The picture above is what the stopwatch looks like. This is the furthest I have run in awhile but I'll be honest... I did walk about a quarter of it (if not more). I just don't have the endurance. My goal is to reach 3 miles, then my goal will be to improve my time and not die during the run :). Hopefully soon I can post another picture of my stopwatch and have it be far more impressive

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