Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day
for the dogs :)
Jim and I aren't huge Valentines Day type people. First off... I hate going to dinner and being forced to order off of a limited menu. When we first started dating we would search for concerts to go to or other fun events. Now... we are just old and boring. :) Tonight I made a nice pot roast (i know... sounds sexy doesn't it?), we drank some wine and we caught up on shows we had recorded on DVR. I did buy the dogs a couple of Valentines Day gifts... a couple of teddy bears.
When we adopted Abbey, her birthday was listed as Feb 14th at Town Lake Animal Shelter. Sure they were just guessing but it still meant something to us.
Last year Taylor died on Feb 13th,
( so the superstitious part of us thought it was fate that Abbey was born on Feb 14th, the next day. I can't believe it has been a year since we lost Taylor, but I think of her often. She was such a stubborn dog, but I loved her to pieces!

I found these Teddy Bears at HEB and I knew the dogs just had to have them.
Abbey LOVES her stuffed toys. Unfortunately she doesn't exactly cherish them, so they are usually in shreds within an hour

Chewie isn't a fan of most teddy bears because normally they have a squeaky toy inside... which he is not a fan of

Chewie is still checking out the cute teddy bear

Chewie and the teddy bear took a tour around the back yard,,, he was being a nice host

They even hung out for a little bit and talked about the weather

Abbey and her stuffed toy got to know each other quite well

Here she is taking a moment to rest while gnawing on the bear :)


Abbey brought her toy inside with her
The poor teddy bear lasted about 2 hours,,, which is a long time around Abbey. At least she had a good time on her first birthday!

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