Friday, February 04, 2011

S * N * O * W
If we are lucky, we get to see snow once a year. Yes, I understand that other parts of the county might think I am nuts for enjoying snow, but I can't help it. Snow is freaking awesome! We had 3 days/nights of seriously low temperatures for Austin. Highs hovering around freezing, and lows around the low 20's to teens. There were a TON of people in Austin complaining about the temperatures, but honestly I just didn't think it was that bad. Perhaps it is because I can remember what summer feels like, and I can't stand butt sweat.. Yeah that's right... I get butt sweat during the summer. File that under TMI (Too Much Information).
On Thursday night, I kept walking outside looking for some type of indication that we could expect snow. However, I kept seeing little bits of rain. BOOOO. Around 11:30, I noticed more of a flake than rain..... see the picture below...
So I went to bed all giddy because I knew I would wake up to a snow covered town. Well, at least I hoped for a snow covered town.

Jim and I ventured outside to check it out, and the neighborhood was eerily quiet. I love hearing the crunch of snow while walking on it. Oh how I wished it snowed at least once a month during winter :)

On our street

This was Abby's first time in snow and it didn't even faze her. She took a second to look at the crunching sound while walking on it, then it was back to business as usual. Both of the dogs were completely hyper and ran across the yard chasing each other... as you can see with the next few photos...

She was coming at me full force... it was a little scary :)
I walked down to the creek behind the house to find a beautiful scene. I wish I could have gotten closer to the water for pictures, but it is a steep bank and didn't feel like falling in :)
This is one of my favorite photos of the day..
Snow on the ground
Our little boo
Our big boo
By the end of the day about 95% of the snow had melted :( Good bye snow... we had fun while it lasted

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