Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Memorial Day Bike Bar Crawl

This Memorial Day weekend we decided to do something a little different, we did a biking bar crawl. Basically we wanted to ride our bikes from bar to bar downtown ending up at Barton Springs pool to cool off. While we were making these plans we didn't realize the heat wave that was going to settle in Austin for the weekend. We started around noon, so the heat wasn't great, but not terrible. Chris and Lindsay came along for the ride, and we had a really fun time.

Once we parked the car we hopped on our bikes and headed towards our first stop, Tacos and Tequila. This was our first time visiting this restaurant and we were all pretty excited. The restaurant was empty, so we had very good service (have heard from friends that they have experienced slow service). We started off with some of their tasty beverages... I ordered the Avocado Honey Dew Melon Margarita. It was good but not something that I am going to crave all of the time. We did get a free Peach Blueberry Margarita (bartender made it by mistake) so we all were able to try that out, and it was the table favorite.

Chris and Lindsay enjoying our free drink

Jim and our drinks

I wanted to get a picture of us before we started biking around town and getting all sweaty

We shared some tacos at TNT and they were pretty good, but they needed the salsa on the table for a little moisture. We ordered the steak, pulled pork and chicken tacos and our favorite was the steak which had a great peppery crust on it.

I really liked the way they displayed their tequila bottles over the bar

To end our time at TNT we ordered a flight of tequila to share. Jim and Chris ordered straight tequila, and Lindsay and I shared a deconstructed German Chocolate Cake tequila shot. It was DAMN good, and DAMN dangerous since it doesn't taste like tequila.

Our next stop was Little Woodrows. They have a nice outdoor patio and decent sitting around the bar. We found the darts and decided to see which couple could beat each other :)

Enjoying the AC after our bike ride from TNT. A soccer game was on the TV so we watched a bit before moving on to darts.

We played 2 games and each couple won a game. We would have played a 3rd game, but it was time to move to a different bar.

Chris and Lindsay

Lindsay and I

Our next stop was the Tiniest Bar in Texas and it was our least favorite stop. The beer was reasonably priced but it was freaking HOT inside. They had one wall unit AC pumping out luke warm air and it just made us feel even more hot after our bike ride over. We should have sat outside under the misters but we only stayed for one beer and I think we kept hoping that it would cool down for us.

Jim doing his best to cool down

Our next stop was at Billies Brew and BBQ where we sat out on the patio (with fans) and listened to the band play.

I could not pass these nachos up, they sounded (and tasted) delicious!! We enjoyed a pitcher of a light blonde beer that they brew in house.

After Billy's we headed to Barton Springs Pool to cool off and relax a bit.

Barton Springs Pool

Chris and Lindsay taking the plunge


Riding back to the car on the hike and bike trail, after the visit to the springs (and our nap)

Beautiful sunset on the way home

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